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VirginSlate – Back Issues

16 Jan

VirginSlate is a group of amateur writers, based in Cork.

We provide a forum for amateur creative writers to practice their writing and to get feedback and constructive criticism.

Every two weeks we publish an online magazine with submissions from each member on a common theme. We also meet to discuss our work and to choose a topic for the next issue. New members are welcome to join us anytime.

There are no fees; we’re just in it for the fun.

Email us at:
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Issue 1 – Windows Without Walls

Issue 2 – Two Become One

Issue 3 – One Thing Happy

Issue 4  – Illusion

Issue 5 – The Christmas Edition

Issue 6 – Black

Issue 7 – Useful Madness

Issue 8 – et cetera

Issue 9 – Celebrating What Truly Matters