Five Ruby Rose Memes you totally won’t believe

Since Ruby Rose appeared in Season 3 of the Netflix show Orange is the New Black, the internet has been swamped with Ruby Rose pics, quotes, memes, and declarations of love. Some are real and some are fake. It’s hard to know what is genuine.

To cut through the crap, here we bring you five Ruby Rose Memes which we guarantee are 100% completely and utterly fake.

1. We’ve all seen this iconic picture of Ruby Rose wearing her handcuffs on the show. It’s fierce iconic, isn’t it? RubyRose2

2. Ruby Rose has no time for overthinking, no matter what the reason


3. Which flashbacks would you prefer? 


4. Look at that smile. Ain’t she lovely?


5. We all know about the straight girls who would turn gay for Ruby. But who would Ruby turn straight for?


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